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Kindle Fire update brings parent control, finally


Last week, Amazon issued a software update  6.3.1 for its Kindle Fire tablet. One of the notable update is adding  password protection and other parental controls. Now Kindle owners can enable password-protect purchases, disable access to specific content libraries, and block access to the Silk web browser. Parents now can control what their kids can use by blocking adult contents, some ...

Another April 1st joke: Internet Explorer provides best browser battery life

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We all know Internet Explorer sucks. We always recommend our readers to use alternatives, e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Opera, SeaMonkey. Even the old Netscape or Mozilla are far better than the IE. Today, I read a report claiming Internet Explorer provides the best browser battery life (i.e., drain your battery at a slower pace). It sounds like ...

Keep My Opt-Outs: Chrome has the Do Not Track option for long time

Keep My Opt-Outs: Chrome has the Do Not Track option for long time

Recently, Google has been in the cross hair of privacy groups. It was revealed that Google can bypass Safari's privacy settings. Then Microsoft cried out that Google also bypassed the privacy settings of IE very easily (and naturally). It seems people suddenly start to concern about their privacy. Do Not Track becomes a popular word, although most people ...

Another reason to dump Microsoft IE: Microsoft claims Google bypassed its browser privacy easily


IE privacy setting is just a joke, now this is clear. In our safe surfing guide series (part 4), we recommended you to dump IE and choose a better web browser, e.g., Chrome or Firefox, or SeaMonkey. Today, you get another reason to dump it forever! On Feb. 20, Microsoft claimed that Google has been bypassing the ...

Microsoft security update flags google.com as a severe, exploit-filled threat


It is not a joke. Micro$oft did it again. Last year, Microsoft Security Essentials tried to Google Chrome by deleting it. According to some reports, Microsoft Antivirus and Security products ( Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft Security Essentials) started to mark google.com as as being a severe threat called Exploit:JS/Blacole.BW in the Valentine's day. A V-day gift for ...