Firefox 8 cracks third-party add-ons

Firefox 8 cracks third-party add-onsEveryday millions of third-party add-ons are installed for Firefox. Some of them can impose serious privacy and security holes for the computer.

Finally, in the latest release, Firefox 8 disables third-part add-ons. This is a correct step among so many mistakes in recent releases.

According to the official Mozilla Add-ons Blog:

These add-ons installed by third parties present a number of problems: they can slow down Firefox start-up and page loading time, they clutter the interface with toolbars that often go unused, they lag behind on compatibility and security updates, and most importantly, they take the user out of control of their add-ons.

So, in the Firefox 8, users must opt in to add-on installation. This means Firefox will disable the add-on until the user has explicitly opted in to the addition.

Anyway, this is a positive move. What do you think about this?

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