Get the latest proxy from Twitter

In previous article, I shared with you the 3 methods to get latest proxy when your proxy is blocked by your ISP your organization.  Actually, one reader reminded me that I should also include social networks like Twitter and Facebook to get the latest web proxy. This is absolutely true: the new social media can play an important role in disseminating such useful info.

How much can a web proxy protect your privacy?Some web proxy lists also have a Facebook fan page.  But these fan pages usually are not very active. This is probably due to the fact that  the auto-posting to Facebook walls is not easy to integrate with the scripts used by major list providers.

Twitter is easier to integrate with most scripts. Unfortunately, if you search Twitter with “proxy”, or “web proxy”, you probably can only find some inactive accounts. This means it need time  for proxy list providers to build their social presence.

The good news is that the largest web  proxy list provides real-time Twitter update for all new web proxy listed on the website, i.e., when a proxy is added to their list (manual approve), it will be a new tweet. So, you can just follow the Twitter account to get real-time latest web proxy list, faster then RSS feed and newsletter. So, follow this proxy list Twitter account now.

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