Keep My Opt-Outs: Chrome has the Do Not Track option for long time

Keep My Opt-Outs: Chrome has the Do Not Track option for long timeRecently, Google has been in the cross hair of privacy groups. It was revealed that Google can bypass Safari’s privacy settings. Then Microsoft cried out that Google also bypassed the privacy settings of IE very easily (and naturally).

It seems people suddenly start to concern about their privacy. Do Not Track becomes a popular word, although most people do not really understand it. Even the politicians want to express their interest in solving this issue.  The White House last week unveiled a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights”.

Mozilla reminded us that they invented Do Not Track in February 2011. If it was Apple, it was probably patented already, and now everyone would have had to pay for it except Safari users (they already paid when they purchased the fruity toy). According to the official page:

Keep My Opt-Outs is an extension for users who aren’t comfortable with personalization of the ads they see on the web. It’s a one-step, persistent opt-out of personalized advertising and related data tracking performed by companies adopting the industry privacy standards for online advertising

Anyway, this is not new. For Firefox users, some have used this feature for some time. For Chrome users, the Chocolate Factory also handed out the do not track tool since last January in Chrome Store: Keep My Opt-Outs.

If you are really worrying about your privacy, use these tools. For IE users, the simple solution is to change to Firefox or Chrome, NOW.


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