Microsoft Security Essentials kills Google Chrome


Banned by M$

When we get a new PC,  anti-virus software is usually installed. Some big companies (I really don’t want to name them) give you 30 to 90 days trial. Of course, this is mainly for Windows machines. If you are using Linux or UNIX (e.g., I know a geek is still using FreeBSD), you probably seldom worry about virus.

Anyway, all anti-virus software companies should thank Microsoft for creating the business opportunity for non-productive nonsense. Some of you may not know Microsoft also offers “free” anti-virus software together with Windows. If Windows finds out you have not installed any anti-virus software, this free guy will jump out. The name of this guy is Microsoft Security Essentials.

Ironic? If you cannot make your OS secure, how can we trust your “Security Essentials”? If it is essential, why can’t you put it into OS? Anyway, M$, as well as some analysts  will give you some bull-shit explanations nobody  wants to listen..

After hidden a few years behind Windows, this Microsoft Security Essentials made the news today. Not because it finds some unusual virus (how can you expect M$ product to do such things?) . It kills Chrome browser.

Of course, M$ said this is an accident. Who knows? The fact that your IE is losing market to Chrome makes it smell fishy.

If you are the unlucky guy using M$ Security Essentials and cannot find your Chrome, please read this official blog post.

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