Silent update of IE from January 2012

Finally, Micro$oft knows how to do silent update for your IE browser. Maybe just learned  from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


A war M$ is losing. Sorry it is just our hopes.

Anyway, this is a smart move to stop or at least to slow down the losing of market share (to Chrome and Firefox). M$ won the browser war against Netscape by bundling IE to Windows since Windows 95. But is has been a  loser in the same battlefield against Forefox, nor against Chrome.

Security, speed, and W3C standard are the major reasons tech geeks abandon IE. IE 8 and IE 9 did has some improvement in security and speed. But the compliance to standards is still not as good as Chrome or Firefox.

So, M$ silently updates the IER browser for most users; a lot of users will not know because they already switched to other better browsers.

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