What a Joke! Internet Explorer 9 Crowns the Browser Security

Internet Explorer 9 Takes the Browser Security Crown

Just another bullshit!

After the post on “How to surf safely? Dump IE, choose a better browser” was online, a reader pointed me to a so-called research report that IE 9 crowns the browser security.

According to the report, IE 9 can block 96% socially engineered malware; while the distant second (Chrome) can only block 13.2%. Full report is freely (anyway, nobody is wiling to pay such so-called reports) available here.

It sounds like a story told in April 1. And it actually is.

If you happen to read the report, you will notice their research was based on “NSS Labs has developed a unique proprietary “Live Testing” harness and methodology”.  So, we have no idea how reliable the test was. Who knows?

Secondly, the report did not say how many false blocking generated by IE 9. Remember, if Microsoft Security  Essentials can treat Google Chrome as a virus and remove it, it is not surprising that IE 9 may just blindly block a lot of legitimate contents as well.

Anyway, without Windows, 99.9% of computer virus will not able to survive.

Without IE, we would have got a safer network.

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