Your proxy was blocked, so what?

very-attractive-manga-figures-fighterWeb proxy sites may be blocked any time by your ISP, without giving any explanations. So, it is important to have a list of proxy, and most importantly, a list of new proxy. you need know how to get them, and where to get them.

One of the major list of new web proxy is and Unfortunately, most of  such list sites were blocked by some institutions totally. It means you even cannot access these sites at all.

There are several ways to solve this issue:

  • Subscribe to newsletter. Some list providers also send the latest proxy list through email. So, if you subscribe to such newsletters, you will get new lists from your email automatically, even you cannot access the list site itself. Unrestrictedsurf provides such emails through their Web Proxy List. (on the subscription page, you just select web proxy list if you are not interested in their weekly jokes).
  • Join a Yahoo or Google group. So far, Yahoo groups or Google groups are not blocked by any countries.  Such groups usually also include the latest proxy sites. You may join this Yahoo Anonymous Web Proxy List group.
  • Use RSS feed. This is tricky. Most proxy lists do not provide RSS feed. But there are a few. You may check this Latest Proxy Feed, a feed from
  • Read this blog. Just to make the total count to 4.

Anyway, there are always new proxy sites that your ISP have not found yet. Just remember the three (not 4) ways to get the list if the list sites are blocked.

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