The looming browser war on Windows RT: Microsoft wants to go back to “Return to the Digital Dark Ages”

say-no-to-windows-on-armDo you know or even heard about Netscape Navigator?

It has been the best browser from its initial launch in December 1994 to its death (almost dead, and bought by AOL) in 1998. It was buried by AOL in 2008.

Netscape navigator was not defeated, but was murdered, by Micro$oft. Sometimes, this is  often referred as the First Browser War. As a long time user of Navigator, I always believe Navigator was murdered. The murder is Mirco$oft. The ammunition used by the murder mainly includes: 1). monopoly in PC operating system; 2). huge cash pile; and 3).the uninformed mass.

So, The notorious Internet Explorer dominated in almost all Windows PCs, and the digital dark age started. The antitrust slap on M$ could not revive Netscape Navigator. Thankfully,  the Firefox, somewhat linked to Navigator and Mozilla, and Chrome, from the Chocolate Factory, lighted the sky.

Now, Micro$oft wants us to go back to the dark ages again, in mobile devices, by eliminating browser choices for users on Windows RT (aka, Windows on ARM, or WOA). Giving Internet Explorer exclusive access to some system functions is the key strategy of M$ to eliminate third party browsers on such devices, because this gives IE an unfair competitive advantage against other browsers.

Although Windows RT will very likely fail (hopefully), just like the crappy Windows Mobile, it does matter for us.  Given the huge cash reserve and bad record of abusing the monopoly power) of M$, the damage to technology invention and consumer choices can be profound.

Let’s say “NO’ to Micro$oft, and use a better browser, always, on PC, and on mobile devices.

One thought on “The looming browser war on Windows RT: Microsoft wants to go back to “Return to the Digital Dark Ages”

  1. Whatever Microsoft did or said, I don’t like IE browser, From my experience, it opens page slowly compared with the chrome, firefox or even Avant browser I used. Maybe it’s just my illusion, but the ubiquitous script errors make me angry, I don’t think I will back to IE any more.If the system can only use IE, I think I won’t even try it.

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